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Questions to ask when auditing for Organizational Leadership and Planning for the QMS?


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I'm looking for ideas on questions to ask when auditing someone for Organizational Leadership and for Planning for the QMS in ISO-9001:2015.

Any advice on good questions to start with/

tony s

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Some questions that come to my mind:
  • Have you set an overall goal or aspiration of what you would like the company to become in the near future? (top management might present their company's vision);
  • Have you determined the approaches to achieve your company's vision? (they might present their strategic directions or thrusts or strategic goals to support the achievement of the vision);
  • In coming up of the strategic directions/thrusts/goals, what issues have you considered, including risks/opportunities that can affect your approaches in setting and achieving them? (they might present some form of analysis e.g. SWOT or PESTLE);
  • How can the various departments of your organization support the set strategic goals? (they might present departmental objectives that are aligned with the strategic goals);
  • In setting the strategic goals, including the departmental objectives, have you taken into account the needs and expectations of your interested parties? (they might explain the alignment of their objectives with requirements e.g. if customer requires on-time delivery, objectives like "delivery w/in 24 hours", "delivery rating not less than 98%", etc. are established);
  • Since there might be risks/opportunities that can affect each department in achieving their objectives, are there controls planned and implemented to address them? (each department might present controls or actions for the identified risks/opportunities);
  • How will you know if you're meeting the objectives and strategic goals? (they might present records of the management meetings);
  • Any decisions and actions taken when objectives are not achieved? (they might present action plans).
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