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Quotes to Customers: Controlled or Not?


Steven Truchon

We are a multi division corporation with each division maintaining its own QS9000 certification. Our division keeps the formal quotation form that goes to the customer as a controlled document. The division that we originally got the core document system from has since uncontrolled this form. I tend to agree that it does not need to be controlled but wanted to bounce this off of the forum for some extended input.

Thanks in advance,

Al Dyer


We have controlled the quote form itself, but treat the completed form as a quality record. Somewhat along the same lines as having an in-process inspection sheet that is controlled but becomes a record upon completion.


Jim Evans

I agree with Al. All forms should be controlled documents (4.5). Once completed they become a quality record and should be controlled as such (4.16).



Captain Nice
Staff member
I also agree. You might also want to do a Search here in the forums using the terms 'form' and 'control' and 'record'. This is also evident in the posted document matrix exmple in http://16939.com/pdf_files/

See Doc_Matrix.pdf


I agree with ASD, we have the same set up here, customer quote as a controlled document, once being used or reused will form part of our quality records, It help us to see the trend regarding quoting and other business indicators.
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