R & M Guideline - Applicability and Training


Dan De Yarman

According to the Foreword to the Second Edition of the TE Supplement:
"The First Edition of the TE Supplement referenced reliability and maintainability requirements from the Reliability and Manitainability Guideline. This second edition documents reliability and maintainability requirements in the body of the TE Supplement, additional requirements may be specified by the customer. The Reliability and Maintainability Guideline may still be considered a good source of additional information."

With this in mind where are we specifically required to follow the 'Guideline'? I'm confused as to how we should go about implementing an R & M training program. Are we suppose to use the manual or not. What if Customers are uncooperative?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


barb butrym

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You have been given the freedom to use the TE requirements as they apply to your business.....and not all of the 'guide' requirements. When in doubt... go to the 'guide' for help/guideance......thats what its there for and why its called a 'guide'

Tom Goetzinger

Our auditor recognizes the benefits of good R & M data and also recognizes that it may not be possible to get the information needed from customers so that the full fledged process as described in the R & M manual can be implemented.
We have chosen to use available warrenty and service information as a basis for determining our R & M standard, input from our engineers as to the effect of the design modifications necessary to meet the customer's requirements on that standard (better than or worse than), and a plan to review the potential of using input from customers at least annually. At this time, that has satisfied our needs.
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