R2 Certification Internal Audit Plan, Audit Sheet, and Schedule


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I am looking for someone that is currently working on R2 certification or who works for a company that already has it. I am new with a company and have been given the task of developing a R2 internal audit plan, audit sheet, and schedule. I have never done this much less recycling. Is there anyone that has an internal audit plan that I can look at or a template? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lynn

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Re: R2 Certification internal audit

I would say start planning your audits around your processes as you would any other internal audit program, but pay special attention to any Focus Materials you have defined (in addition to how they are handled all the way through final disposition in the recycling chain), as one of the most important aspects of R2 conformance is how you conduct downstream due diligence. Other important aspects to focus on would be how sensitive data is destroyed, and assessing your contract review processes to validate that financial responsibilities are being upheld.

If your organization is already utilizing standards such as RIOS or a combination of environmental (ISO 14001) and H&S (OHSAS 18001) standards, awesome - just be sure to schedule your audits based on the status and importance of your processes. The idea here is to integrate your assessment of R2 requirements with the assessment of any other existing requirements (as best as possible), to save you precious auditing time and resources.

In case you don't have it, here is some valuable guidance on the application of the R2 standard which could help you audit your organization. Also see this thread which contains some other attachments, including the new R2:2013 standard.

You also might want to consider an R2 auditor training course. I do know that PJR has an online training course that may be worth checking out (Disclaimer: not affiliated with PJR).

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Re: R2 Certification internal audit

Thank you for your help. At this time the company will not pay training so I am having to pick up what I can off the internet. Auditing was added to my job description recently.

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