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Random data generation in Minitab

While providing some training for 'new' users in Minitab, an interesting question came up that I can't find an answer to.

When random data is created in Minitab (under the Calc dropdown menu) you can create the target value and standard deviation easily. But is there a way to limit the LOWER or UPPER limit of the data? For example, if I was creating a random set of normal data for flatness, and set a mean of 0.050 and a standard deviation of .021 (this represents actual data that we have accumulated over a short term study - I am trying to illustrate how Minitab can be used to 'predict the future' using data analysis) then at least SOME of the data that I generate will be less than 0.

I can correct this by brute force methods (visually examine each line of data for a negative value) or copy into Excel, sort, then remove anything less than zero, repaste into Minitab...etc etc etc.

Is there an easier/better way to do this?


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The easiest way within Minitab is to use Data > Subset Worksheet:
- How do you want to create a subset?: Use rows that match a condition
- Do you want to include or exclude rows?: Exclude rows that match the condition
- Condition: Is less than
- Value: 0; check/uncheck Include value depending on whether you want to include zero.


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