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RAPS RAC - Regulatory Affairs Certification Tips

Ajit Basrur

Staff member

Unfortunately, I am not appearing for RAC and hence would not be able to join you; but am sure you will get response from other Covers who are appearing for the RAC.

Best Luck !
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I took the RAC-US exam in Spring 2016 and passed it with a score of 86.

It was an extremely difficult exam in my opinion.

Here is a list of tips of what I did to prepare for the exam:
1) Obtain the latest Fundamentals of Regulatory Affairs text book and enrolled in a Regulatory Affairs workshop
2) Study the Comparative Matrix tables in the back of the text book, I felt that most test questions were dealing with the information that was on the Matrix.
3) Using the information from the Matrix, create your own test questions. This really helped me a lot with understanding and knowing the material.
4) Form study groups. This is an obvious one.
5) Take the practice exams from RAPS and Quizlet

Start your review and preparation at least 6 months or more prior to the exam date. Lots of material to learn and review.
Thanks very much LittleG for the helpful information. I have searched the web for useful information about the RAC exam (study materials, tricks, study guide, etc) but don't seem to find much. The RAPS website is OK but I don't know if we absolutely need all the study materials and courses sold on there, which by the way are a little expensive.

Could you please share more info on the study materials? Apart from Fundamentals of Regulatory Affairs text book and practice exams do we need more study materials.

I live in Canada and will like to take the RAC US exam in fall (Oct/Nov) 2017. If anyone here will like to form a Skype study group please let me know.


Hey LittleG

I am planning to appear for RAC US exam this November. Do you have 'Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs- ninth edition' book


Hey Joy

Do let me know. I am also preparing for the exam. Would like to join the skype group.


Hi all! I'm new to the cove. I've been working in regulatory for about 3 years - in almost exclusively pharmaceuticals. I was looking at the possibility of taking the exam in the fall, but from what I'm gathering, I may need more prep time.

For anyone who has taken the exam or is preparing, how much study time is ideal?

Also, after the exam, is there any immediate indicator of your results or do you have to wait until the official results are released?



Hi Mercelo,
thank you for the post. I have just registered to write the RAC exam in the next quarter. I will be wrting RAC global. Can you point me to where i may be able to get used edition of Fundamentals of International Regulatory Affairs, Third Edition for purchase, apart from the RAC site or used copies please?

Looking forward to your kind response
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