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Anyone else think that this element wasn't thoroughly thought through? (say 3 times fast)? See QSA-T/E 6.6. I'm concerned about subcontractors such as those that perform work such as painting control panel boxes, providing "standard" - catalogue type items - pumps/filters, wiring, aluminum extrusion for brackets, etc. Is it really expected that they are T/E compliant? I recognize the "not all of these requirements are applicable" statement in the Implementation section of the intro to T/E - but in most cases isn't ISO a more realistic goal? Whose discretion is it for which suppliers should meet this requirement...The supplier or will the registrars look for all sub-contractors to be on the QS-T/E highway? Anyone else handled this in a way that could help me?

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Maybe barb can help here. Tonight is not 'the night' for me to get into how well thought out all this is.... I'm going to the TE course in New York to get some insight into TE Supplement. See ***DEAD LINK REMOVED***
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Tom Goetzinger

Notice that the requirement doesn't say "registration" but "compliance". Believe that their thought process is that if what the standard is advocating makes good business sense for you, it is a good idea if your sub-contractors apply the principles also. The farther down they push the standards, the better the higher levels in the supply chain will perform. Believe that is the theory, at least, and they certainly would not be upset if everyone went out and demanded that sub-contractors be certified as it would be good for their business.
Having said that, I sincerely doubt that any registrar worth using would require that all of your sub-contractors be on the road to certification. Given a situation where two suppliers were equal is price and delivery, and only one was certified, I would give the job to the one who was certified; makes a positive mark on my supplier development score, and shows some intent to want to improve.
We intend to let our suppliers know that we are pursuing certification, find our what their plans are in that regard, and when a problem occurs with them, steer them in the corrective action process towards something that meets the standard.
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