Re-calibrate after software update?

WE have traditionally done software updates in the middle of the "as found" "as left" data collection, to ensure that the update didn't affect the ISO data. However, software updates were done on some other CMM's out side out this. Do we need to recalibrate (rerun the ISO data collection). The equipment calibrations are performed by the vendor (Zeiss).


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Since software is an integral part of the operation of a CMM, I would 100% require revalidation after a software update.

Does ISO? Pragmatically, that's up to your auditor.

If you have a set of parts already measured prior to the update, and then measure them again after the update and have what YOU consider to be equivalent readings...I would totally consider that a revalidation.

I would not consider it acceptable to change an integral part of the test mechanism without checking to see if something broke in the process...that would be unacceptable risk IMO.
Thank you.
We ran an SQA program to validate the software, but the features in the SQA are not the same kind of features found on our parts. THe other downside is that we have recently started to switch from Smartscope to Zeiss O-Inspect, and have not done any accuracy comparisons.
I really appreciate the input.

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