re-PPAP for "inactive" tooling


Ken Mraz

Per the PPAP manual, submission is required when "Product is re-released after the tooling has been inactive for volume production for 12 months or more." I have yet to contact our registrar for his interpretation. We are struggling whether this means if NO production was run for 12 months or if re-PPAP applies only IF our customer designates the tool as inactive AND 12 months of no production go by. We,internally, take steps to check tooling if it sits idle for a year, but have not been re-submitting PPAPs to our customers. Any similar interpretations out there?


In the past, we have completed a PPAP package and kept it on file to show whomever asked for it. That way, your company knows the product you are running is OK and when the customer or registrar ask about it you can produce the document.

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Thanks for answering this, Pat. It's one we missed and I hate missing a question entirely as I did this one!

My apologies to Ken.

Anyone else with advice here?
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