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REACH and ROHS Requirement for a Molded Part


I work in a moulding company and I have been asked by a customer to complete REACH & Rohs declaration.
I have no problem with this but there are 2 sections I don't have evidence for(hence I wont sign it off)

The questions are:
1. Is there a presence of substances with animal origin.
2. Is there a presence of Latex or natural rubber.

I have received the REACH & Rohs statements from the material manufacturer but it doesn't mention these.
Can anyone point me in the right direction for this info?

Much appreciated.

Ronen E

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I don't think these aspects belong in either RoHS or REACH. Sounds more like requirements from medical devices regulations.

I think you have no way of certifying the above other than through presenting direct questions to your supplier.
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