Reaction Plan for unstable spc conditions



Two Questions
1) TS16949 states "initiate a reaction plan from the control plan
for charecterisitcs that are either statistically capble or are unstable. which includes containment and 100% inspection"
2)Significant process events such as tool change and machine repair shall be recorded.
1) My control plan just states follow nonconforming work instructions and does not specifically say if the x and R chart show instability nor is it documented that I need to do 100% inspection. How are other comopanies handlign these shalls?

2) Significant process events are recorded on tool maintenance sheets, often the toolmakers just write inspect and maintian tools, rather than anything specific.

Thank you

M Greenaway

Our control charts used to reference an instruction on reaction to out of control conditions, part of which included containment and 100% inspection. Also all significant process events, such as tool changes, were annotated on the chart at the point at which they occurred.

Al Dyer

I'm with M:

We have always noted on the control plan to reference certain instructions to react to an out of control situation. It is usually only 1 instruction. Also, don't forget the FMEA as a tool for identifying reaction plans.

By doing this, revisions to control plans can be reduced
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