Reasons to Continue QS-9000 in a Company?


Al Dyer

Reasons for continued QS-9000

This is an open question:

Why does a company currently strive to meet a soon outdated QS-9000, whether new or continuing?

I need some ideas so I can start a pole. I already have a few reasons , but the more the merrier!


Randy Stewart

Having to maintain TE-9000 is our reason. Our Q-1 is based on TE in the production die design area. IMO it only takes a little constructive thought in order to maintain the "INTENT" of TE and still have a system compiant to 16949.


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Easier to implement

We are implementing QS at our sister company, an aluminum Foundry, because it is easier to bring them on board to our parent company registration as a scope expansion. Though, we all have to transition soon thereafter to TS. The QS scope expansion is a piece of cake compared to implementing TS from zero.


Simple Reply

Even though we are switching to TS here is a thought. If you are Tier two or below.....why spend the money until you have too?

Value added is the name of the game right?

Oh wait a minute....what did I say.....unless you walk the walk then it's value added there is there!


Sorry folks.....just been another long day in the trenches!!!!!!!!

Where is my Walmart career goal........Walmart Greeter!
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