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Reasons to submit a new PPAP or notify the customer

Hello Everyone.

So I have this doubt, because every IATF auditor that came in the company have a different interpretation.

On manual PPAP 4th edition, on page 13 we have some examples of what changes are requested to customer notify.

One of them is Rearrangement of existing equipment, the manual tell that " Rearrangement is defined as activity that changes the sequence of product/process flow from that documented in the process flow diagram".

So it is correct that if I change some assembly line or machine from one place to another in the same plant, and since it doesnt change the process flow chart, I dont need to notify my customer about it?

Thank you in advance
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If you are in the automotive arena...I mean "mobility" arena, and more so if you are in the Aero field from an earlier post today....really straight least from my experience it is...see below:
"a bit more on this widely underappreciated, but very important idea of continuous open communications with the OEMs.....some OEMs have a document/application called a "Forever Requirement", (other OEMs have similar tool/document)....sounds pretty ominous, but in its simipliest form it "requires" that "ANY" change to a process/part, no matter how insigificant it may seem...MUST be communicated with the OEM SQ, Release Engineer, etc., for discussion and where appropriate action(s). The Forever part = it never expires....pre-launch, post launch +90 days...etc. Briefly a US suuplier to one of the Japanese OEMs decided to make a change to a "rivet" on their own...of course the uncommunicated rivet change turned out to be a the root cause to a recall.... "

In the long run most if not all OEMs will appreciate the communication and transparency...


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Agree with optomist...if we moved a punching station (one self contained piece of equipment) a foot down on the same table, we told the customer.
This accomplished two things:
1. We were totally off the hook if anything bad happened as a result, and put all risk exposure on them.
2. They got so sick of being notified about little things that they never asked for a re-PPAP no matter how large the change.

Supplier/customer relationship should be pretty transparent in this area. Any opaque-ness in this area increases risk exposure of the supplier.
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