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Dear Sir,

I need a real clarification for which i am confused.

Who will receive the incomming material?wether stores or inwardquality engineer?

I feel stores should receive the material and stores hadto see the documents and make the GRN and then only he has to offer for inspection.

Please help me to clarify my doubt since my management is pressurising me to receive the material and also please post me some reference documents regarding the request.

Awaiting for your kind help and reply.



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It totally depends upon your company and how your internal processes are set up. Typically you will find one or more people whose responsibility is to "receive" materials, sub-assemblies, and/or other items, sometimes with an engineer, but typically not. Receiving typically does any necessary inspection.

From there it is passed on to "stores" if it is accepted. However, in some companies both are part of the same department.

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Like Marc said -- it is up to you, the standard does not specify. At our company, receiving inspection receives, tests, and reviews documentation for the raw material and then passes it to stores/inventory. A QE only gets involved if there is a problem.


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How many of you Quality Managers would depend on a suppliers first piece inspection in place of your own receiving inspection for first runs of parts from suppliers?

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Like everyone has stated, it depends on you company.

For my example, my company is in manufacturing. Most of the time, we order in parts/materials and put them into the end product. Once in a while, we order in a part and ship it to the customer as is.

This is how I see this process working: if we order in the part and it will have work done to it, it can be "inspected" by the receiver. Basically this person is just making sure it actually is what we ordered. Then it will be processed and inspected again at final inspection, by a certified inspector.

If we aren't going to process the part and ship as is to the customer, it is inspected by a certified inspector upon arrival.


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[n.srikanth42], what is driving management to ask for you to do receiving?

Has the incoming materials staff missed catching some problems?

If the receiving process is adequately structured and the persons performing that process trained, then anybody could do it. If it is not, then that is the true problem.


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At my company, for raw stock (bars of aluminum, steel, etc) the process is:

1. Materials unloads the material
2. Materials logs, within our ERP system, the receiving of the product; assigning and tagging the material with a system generated number.
3. Paperwork/certifications move to Quality to review and test as required.
4. Quality scans the documents and logs the certifications for retrieval.

This is just one process, and it currently works for us. The process may change at a later date, in which case, we just have to follow that process. As a reminder, don't get locked into the thought that your processes cannot improve or even completely change as your company changes.


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Most of our incoming was dock to stock. Receiving department verified amounts, correct material per PO and did a general walk around inspection to check for damage. There were a few items that we took measurements on and in instances where the supplier was on probation, then it would be sent to an inspection area and had to be inspected within 24 working hours before it was released for use.

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At my current job, and my last job, the saw operator received and verified the raw material - steel and aluminum. In both cases, there is a receiving department that receives everything else.
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