Recognition of Certification Body Reports in different Countries



Hi Covers !

I need your insight for a recurring problem. It's also related to the CB scheme, so I hope it's the right place to post.
Is there any similar experience of the following:
One manufacturer has a CB certificate and report for all the standards applicable to its product. Let's take the example of EMC. When registering their product in country A they got rejected because in their CB report the local conditions for country A such as nominal voltage and frequency were not applied for every test.
Looking at the IECEE table on their website, for EMC only 2 standards do have deviations for country A (say harmonics and flicker for instance).
Of course the lab issuing the CB report is not willing to update it because it's following the CB scheme.

Is there any way to appeal for this problem ?
To report the issue to IECEE ?
Any similar experience here ?

Thanks in advance for the feedback, it's really irritating...
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