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Hi All

Any recommendations for an OOTB solution for managing a whole quality management system, including internal audit, CAPA management etc., that runs in SharePoint and can be integrated into our environment?

Also, has anyone had experience of BPA Solutions? Would love to get some feedback, as their solution looks the part...



I don't know that there are any 'out of the box' solutions that run in Sharepoint.


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I am not sure what is BPA, but in my previous Organization, I was part of what was called BPR (Business Process Re-Engineering). It was a jargon we used for improving New Product Development process that used IT as a platform to enforce checks and balances. One example is like if a Phase deliverable is incomplete, IT will block release of the part and so on. We used a PLM tool, Enovia V6 OOTB and also did some customization. When you say CAPA management, are you looking for something in the lines of CAPA lifecycle from initiation to closure passing through various users for approvals and finally piling up as another lesson learned? We did it in Enovia V6, but I am not sure if Sharepoint is capable of such life cycle.
A bit off-topic, there is a sort of paradox in 'OOTB'. I learnt this couple of years back that in IT vocabulary, out of the box (OOTB) represents using the in-built feature.


:2cents:You might want to check out The Lean Machine. It is Access based so it should run on SharePoint.

My only relationship with them is as a user/Admin, we got the system about 2 years ago. Overall it meets our needs (a small company) and was certainly less costly than the big boys. It may not work for everyone but what does.


I am not sure if it is Sharepoint compatible, but in our company, we use quality management software by uniPoint software in Winnipeg. Our systems are all windows based which make me think this software must be compatible with Microsoft based Sharepoint environment. I think contacting their support executive will help you find if it suits your needs.
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