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Recommendations on SPC Software or Excel SPC add-in(s)


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Re: Recommendations on SPC Software or SPC excel add-in(s)

An often asked question, you might want to go to the main Search page and use the two key words: spc software

To better reply you would probably have to post some specifics. There is enterprise software, software for small companies, and more potential applications. Because there are so many use scenarios for which different packages are a better fit, without knowing the specifics of your specific scenario it is pretty much impossible to recommend a specific software package.
Re: Recommendations on SPC Software or SPC excel add-in(s)

f you are a Tier 1 supplier, you will find that your customer will prefer (sometimes insist on ) you using Minitab. It is very good, very powerful, but (to go beyond the basics) somewhat difficult to use. It is also a little expensive, but not excessively so.

If you are looking for something primarily for INTERNAL use, then I strongly endorse Excel - everyone uses it, you can create your own format of document, and with the functions available, can (fairly easily) perform most statistical operations. There are a variety of downloadable Excel addons that you can also use that would be very helpful.


Stop X-bar/R Madness!!
Depends on what kind of processes and their output variations. For example, not all SPC software packages can properly chart precision machining. They may be able to do rudimentary Shewhart charts, but there is more to correct SPC implementation than rubber stamping X bar-R charts all over the place.

However, for molding many of the processes have random enough outputs to chart with Shewhart charts. Molding may also be a good application for multi-vari charts.

Remember, a rule of thumb for SPC charting frequencies is at least 5 charted points between any adjustments. Also, if the chart is not giving you the direction as to when to make an adjustment, you are charting the wrong characteristic or using the wrong chart.
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