Record Retention Requirements - IATF 16949 Clause


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It specifies in the IATF16949 that contracts and amendments( shall be retained for the length of time that the product is active for production and service requirements, plus one calendar year.

Here the does the contract only refer to the contract with the customer or also include other contracts, such as contracts with supplier, contracts with mould maker, etc.

thanks in advance.


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Re: Record retention(

I got the similar question.
Does it also apply to quality records, process/product audit report, Cpk data if the customers don't specify the time.


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I have similar concerns as well. With records retained as specified in GMW15920 does this apply to only Tier 1 suppliers? We are tier 2, and haven't been asked by our customer.


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I have similar issues as well.

Last week, we were audited by a new supplier and it was a red call-out for us since they require 20 years retention on all our documents (must be reflected on our documented procedures) , but we are practicing 5years with our current customer.

Any ideas?


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If your customer wants 20 years retention, then I guess you have to do 20 years.

As for the IATF requirement I don't think it is well thought out at the lower supplier levels. Essentially every delivery schedule change is an "amendment." But it is illogical to keep all that stuff. We would be buried. So we only keep the original contract and po for the start up of the project and any material changes such as revisions or price.


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One of our Customers just send me their revised SQR and snuck in 20 years document and tool retention for Honda. Besides this one, everything else is life of part + 1 year. Customer specifics trump IATF....:2cents: