Recycling codes on PSW - Restricted or reportable substances



It has only been a little more than a year. but I just recently noticed a "new" note on the PSW form in appendix A of the PPAP 3rd ed. manual.
As noted:

Note: Does this part contain any restricted or reportable substances
- Self explanatory
Are plastic parts identified with appropriate ISO marking codes
- What does it mean by "plastic"? very broad term.
- What are appropriate ISO codes?
- Where can I find them?
- Has any one else addressed this note?

I have probably submitted 50 PSW's using the old format with no questions.

Your responses are appreciated.


Take a look at page 24 of the PPAP manual (3rd edition) Section II.2.3. It defines plastic as polymeric. To my knowledge this is only a Ford requirement. So if you are not a tier one supplier to Ford, then just check no in the box.


Freeda, Thanks I did not think to look in customer specific reqm'ts. Strange that the PSW would contain customer specifics.

Al, Thanks. That's probably the type of code that they are looking for. If it is Ford specific I can check in the Ford specs.

Howard Atkins

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I do not think that this is customer specific. The ISO codes are I think the same as those of SAE. I will retirn later with the actual number of the spec. Ususally on the drawings there is a demand for marking, this is the recycling code.
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