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Red Beads in Ohio on May 21 - Kitty Hawk Chapter of the ASSE in Kettering Ohio

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
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Many years back, a colleague of Steve (Steven Byers) forwarded a copy of a video that he taped of one of Steve's presentations. In short, an interested group of folks participated and discussed the presentation. One thing I recall, which was similar to Dr. Deming's presentations, is that folks transition from entertained audience members to active learners. The expressions on peoples faces as they learned the lessons of the red beads as Steve presented is a small testiment to the power of the lesson itself. When folks become silent and engaged in thought and discussion, you know you've successfully reached their minds. For myself, I enjoyed revisiting the Lessons of the Red Beads and occassionaly watch Dr. Deming's presentation from my personal video library. However, the interactive portion upon the conclusion of the event is what's most important. If you are available, I recommend that you attend Steve's presentation. He is certainly very knowledgable on Statistics and Dr. Deming's teachings. He spends considerable time refining his knowledge of Dr. Deming's theories by speaking directly with the folks that served along side of the late Dr. I've personally found no better way to learn a theory aside from learning directly from the source.


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