Red, Yellow, and Green and QS9000 Suppliers - Visual evaluation of the status



Not being totally familiar with QS9000 and it's requirements, I would like to ask a question. Is it common practice in QS9000 to rank suppliers on a Red, Yellow, and Green color status? Is this a new concept and where did it originate?

Dan Larsen

QS simply requires that you have a system to evaluate, select and control your suppliers. There are a variety of ways this can be done.

I suspect your "red/yellow/green" is simply the method used by a particular company to easily communicate the status of a particular supplier. Other methods could also be used.


Red/Yellow/Green rating is a good way to present an evaluation of some system (very visual). We use R/Y/G rating for many different rating systems. Just make sure and define what a Red, Yellow, and Green rating mean. We had an audit finding because we were using R/Y/G to rate the elements in the Management Review, but had not specifically defined each category.
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