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Redacted pre-submission bundle that you would be willing to share


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Hi All.

I don’t suppose anyone has a redacted pre-sub bundle that they would be willing to share?

First time for a meeting with the FDA and want to ensure that I submit all that is required and with the correct detail.

Thanks in advance all

FDA has specific guidance on their pre-sub programme: Requests for Feedback on Medical Device Submissions: The Pre-Submission Program and Meetings with Food and Drug Administration Staff.

The level of detail is up to you:

The more general your questions are, the more general = invaluable the FDA feedback will be. The more specific your questions are, the more detailed = valuable the FDA feedback will be.

An example:
say, you want to submit a device terminally sterilized with ethylene oxide. If you just say this in your pre-sub doc, then FDA will only tell you that you have to comply to ISO 11135:2014 in your sterilization validation. If you already present FDA a validation protocol in your pre-sub, then FDA will tell you whether the agency considers your validation approach adequate or, if not, what specific topics FDA expects to be addressed in the protocol.




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Thanks for the reply Gerhard.

We don’t have a performance test plan but I would like to get feedback on sample size, e.g would a proposed analysis of 100 report demonstrate acceptable equivalence? What detail would they need to be able to answer?

querying the guidance I gave you above for "sample size" leads to 9 hits, e.g.:

If your questions pertain to your nonclinical testing, we recommend that you provide a concise summary of the test plan that includes:
• an identification of the objective or purpose of the test
• the sample size and statistical methods
• a summary of the test methodology (if you are following a recognized standard, include the name of the standard and year of publication)
• the acceptance criteria and a rationale for the selection of these criteria.
Examples of general questions that are NOT conducive to a productive discussion:
• How large should the sample size be?
HTH, Gerhard
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