Redesigning our process flow chart, PFMEA and Control Plan


Can anyone give me a little help regarding this, I am new to all of this. I am redesigning our process flow chart, PFMEA and Control Plan. My question is, should all 3 charts be tied together as far as the steps for when we get the material to making it to shipping to customer? More importantly in the process flow chart we have a feature that is either critical or significant. I think that is a must but want to make sure everything is compliant with AIAG and ISO 9001:2015


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If you need it compliant with AIAG you should probably get their manuals. I know the FMEA was just updated. But yes, under AIAG construction, they should be tied together.


I do have the current manual with AIAG, it does not show me if the Process flow has to be tied to the PMFEA and Control Plan. Just the PFMEA and Control Plan are tied together. More importantly is on the Process Flow Chart, for the Critical and Significant, shouldn't that be marked with a C or S?
If you look at the attached document, on the far right hand side you will see a triangles, it say C of C or
I truly think that either C or S needs to be in there to signify what is what, as of right now there is nothing. I do not find that to be acceptable. :(


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The steps from your Process Flow, Process FMEA, and Control Plan should all match up and be linked if you are using FMEA software. If you start by creating the process flow first, then the step number and function will transferred automatically into your PFMEA and Control Plan.


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All of these should be linked up. Your process flow should follow the process steps as they occur. Your FMEA should list up all the potential failure modes you can imagine. If you have a failure mode, its cause should have a control on the control plan. That's a my pretty basic explanation.
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