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We currently raise a Document Chasnge/Issue (DCI) for every new document, or change to any exisiting document. This represents 1,000's of forms for no or low risk changes. How can we reduce this and still comply to QS9000 document control elements?


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one idea


I don't know about QS9000, but we are ISO9002 and we defined which documents needed a formal Engineering Change Order, and which documents could be changed by the responsible authorithy without extra documentation.


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Like Carol we're currently 9002 cert. I worked for a machined parts (automotive) supplier a few years back and we had to write up the change request notification for ANY and all documents initiated/revised or made obsolete. I cannot remember what the QS9000 standards' requirements are anymore (I left before the last change).

In our system here, we use Document change requests (DCRs) for Plant work instructions and Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) for Corp Specs, Dwgs, and BOMs.

For our local forms - we don't track the changes. Forms have are numbered and carry a revision level w/date and previous electronic file is stored.

For our SOPs - They carry their own approval block that details the Title, Doc #, Rev, Date, Parent Doc Info, Dept, # copies on the floor, Originator of that revision, and approvals from the Dept Supervisor or Engineer and either of Plant Mgr, QA Mgr or Eng Mgr. Electronic files are stored, database is maintained and used during audits.

I don't know if this info may be helpful to you or not...but there it is.
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Robs - We are QS-9000 and we do the same as Carol. So far no problem with any audits.

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