Reduced Audit days when UPGRADING from AS9100 to TS16949 - Is it possible?



At the request of our consultant I recently requested a quotation from another registrar that I had not previously considered. Their proposal includes a discounted (less audit time allotted) TS registration based on calling it an ?upgrade? from AS9100. So they are saying if we get registered to AS9100 prior to TS it will reduce the cost of TS certification. (We had always planned on getting AS9100 certified but after completing our transition from 9001:2008 to TS16949:2009)

Does it sound right; Have they found a loophole in the rules?

I am currently evaluating the feasibility of switching my timetable to get AS9100 prepared prior to TS. Am I wasting my time?


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Hi: If you have a copy of the IATF "TS Rules" document it will define what the duration of your certification audit is. As far as I'm aware, reductions are NOT given, indeed, you will still have to go through a "stage 1" and "stage 2" audit, as if you had nothing in place - just as it is for AS91XX certification. I'll check with my technical management, but these 2 specific schemes aren't known for allowing reductions - if anything time is ADDED!
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