Reference documentation - Are "For Reference" stickers really needed?



We received our ISO 9001 registration 6 months ago. We put a sticker that has "For Reference" on it on all 3-ring binders that each person, about 30, has in his/her cubicle to differentiate between controlled documents and reference documents. All controlled documents are indicated on Master Document Lists at this time, by element. The third-party auditor never makes a comment about these stickers. I saw stickers like this used on 3-ring binders at an auto plant that was going through ISO registration. Are these stickers really needed.


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Nope - you define how controlled documents are identified and by default all others are 'for reference only'. Typically, if it's not on the list it's uncontrolled.

Someone clue me in - what thread was this recently a hot discussion in - with regard to calibration stickers.

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In my humble opinion the stickers or post-its aren't the best solution for document identification, my suggest is a master list including all documents exact identification and a correct distribution list, a hard copy version/collection also a good think

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