Refractometer Gage R&R for a Refractometer for Machine Coolant



I need to do a GRR for a refractometer for machine coolant. What I intend is to get 10 containers and put a certain percent in each. Then have 3 people measure each of them 3 times. Any suggestions? It is the first time I have to deal with measuring with a refractomer. So I am just checking to see if any one else has done the before and if they have any suggestions?

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I do not have experience with refractometers, so I don't know what you might run into from the gage perspective. My biggest question would be on how you select your samples of coolant. Are these incoming or outgoing product, or is this a process control of coolant used in the process?

If this is a product presumably made in large batches, you may need to collect samples from multiple batches to accurately reflect process variation. If it is used in the process you may need to add a time element between samples.

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Using a 3 operators/5 samples/2 times is adequate for finding out if the refractometer is giving consistent measurements.


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Get some advise from where you bought it. For some refractometers, I think, you need to calibrate them correctly and test?
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