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Interesting Topic Regionally unique food and drink


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Here in Rochester, NY we have something called a 'Garbage Plate'. It originated at a single establishment called Nick Tahous and then other restaurants adapted their version of the 'plate'. It has two sides (usually mac salad and home fries) and two meat options - like, two burgers or two hot dogs or a combination of both. It's then smothered all over with hot sauce and condiments and mixed together into a huge delicious trash heap. Great hangover food, or super indulgent 'cheat day' food!

I lived in Tampa for nearly 10 years and upon returning to Rochester, I immediately got a garbage plate. Looks terrifying, tastes delicious!
Nick Tahou Hots - Wikipedia


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I drink diet Irn bru as I've never been a fan of high sugar drinks, but the flavour of it is really quite unique and I can imagine how changing the makeup would have been easily noticed. Consider Coke 2, on blind tests, it was preferred but still tanked once on general sale.

For me, the regionally specific food I love is from the Midlands in the UK and it is the wonderful Chips and gravy.
Move away from the area and chip shops will start trying to give you curry sauce instead, not bad but not the same.
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