Register of TS 16949 Certified Companies


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Is there an easy way to find out about TS16949 certified companies? Basically one searchable, online database? I'm trying to find out which of our customers, suppliers and competitors are TS16949 certified and which are not. Short of visiting a load of websites to find those who actually have their TS status on their websites I cannot see any shortcuts to finding this information.

Any suggestions?

Sidney Vianna

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Re: Register of TS16949 certified companies?

As far as I know, the IATF is adamant against a publicly available database of certified organizations, in clear contrast with the transparent approach taken by the IAQG, which makes the OASIS database a cornerstone of their ICOP Scheme.

In the IATF world, one can verify if an existing TS16949 certificate is valid or not by checking


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Thanks for that. I guess I've got a slightly longer trawl through company websites and enquiry emails to suppliers that will be ignored. Oh well, better get started.
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