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Registered User Article Poll - December 2004

Which December 2004 Article Did You Like Best?

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Captain Nice
Staff member
Registered User Article Poll - Articles submitted during December 2004

To preclude complaints, this is an 'Open' Poll. Poll results will show who voted for what. Just click on the vote number in the poll. My vote will always be 'No Opinion - Potentially Biased' to avoid any complaints and/or the 'appearance of' conflict of interest.

The poll will remain open until the close date stated on the poll (30 days or there abouts) and is open to all Registered visitors here in the Elsmar Cove forums. Registration is free.

You may use this thread for any comments you have, if any, including why you voted as you did.

To both of you who submitted articles in December, Good Luck!
I thought I posted a response to this which said in part I refrained from voting because I had potential bias for each author. Further that I thought both articles were valuable reading for Quality folk.

However, the response disappeared into nothingness.

I'm copying this reply to my clipboard in case the disappearing act occurs again.


Captain Nice
Staff member
I haven't seen any feedback about posts 'disappearing' in a long time, nor have I seen any evidence of posts not 'registering'. Maybe you posted a reply in another thread or pushed the wrong button or something?
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