Registrar Cancelled ISO 13485 Auditors multiple times?


I know that there is a shortage of auditors available but has anyone else been having excessively poor experiences for Audit scheduling? We have been attempting to become certified in ISO 13485 (initial audit) with the intent of completing this before our ISO 9001 cert expired in early December and what once seemed a completely reasonable goal (stage 1 in August, then Early September, then Monday which no one showed up for...)

It seems like the only option at this point is just to switch Registrars but I don't know if this is an industry wide issue or just isolated to the people handling my business. They haven't even communicated the source of the problems so I'm afraid of switching to someone else and running into the same issues.

Sidney Vianna

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then Monday which no one showed up for...)
You were not informed the auditor was not coming? What kind of CB is this? No audit agenda? No communication with the auditor in advance? Technically, the CB is infringing on your business relationship and, unlikely as it might sound, you could escalate your dissatisfaction to the AB, as the CB is placing the whole certification sector into disrepute

From Certification Client Bill of Rights & Responsibilities | Accredited certification:

"...Therefore, certified clients are encouraged to provide feedback to ANAB whenever they sense inadequacy with their CB...."
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