Registrar Costs - 2,000 bucks to issue new certificate!


Aaron Lupo

I have nothing against Registrars costs, but, I just saw our bill for our Survelliance audit, they are charging us over 2,000 bucks to issue new certificates!! Am I crazy or is that ridclious!!!



Is the $2000 just for the cert issuance?

How much was your audit days total?

Man, your grand total must be outragous!

Just out of curiousity, does your company require that someone justify the expense with a cost of quality measure?


Aaron Lupo

Yes, our Registrar is very expensive (not saying they are not good), I know of other Registrars that charge about 1/3 of what we are paying and have brought this to their attention. However, the industry that we are in the are widely known and thats part of what they have factored whe they decided to use them (before I was employeed there. Believe it or not they were not the most expensive.

The cost for the audit per man day is about average, I was just floored when I saw some of the other charges they include. Maybe the registrar that I do work for needs to re-assess what they are charging LOL!

I know we are paying for reputation but my goodness.


WOW!!! And I thought our costs were high. Our re-cert cost was about $500.00 per cert. That is of course in addition to the audit days, expenses, and "admin fees" which have now appeared. Oh yes, and a % fee for having both the RvA and RAB marks on our (how much can that cost?).

I hope you are right about the reputation thing being the basis for charges. From the last couple of years experience, our REBATE should take effect any time now.


Fully vaccinated are you?
As I pointed out in another thread, there is a big difference in registrars. In the pdf_files directory there are a couple of registrar evaluation sheets. In addition, in the soon to be released implementation package, the excel originals are included.

Registrars vary greatly. You DO have a choice! Don't forget to look for local registrars. There are hundreds of them now. This is BIG business!

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