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I was assigned to guide the external auditors for a reassesment. When I picked them up at the airport, their only concern was the location of the local football hall of fame and the shopping mall. For 3 days I was their taxi driver. At no time did these two gentelmen get within 7 miles of the plant. I could not believe that 5 weeks later, the Certificate of Compliance was delivered. Is this a common practice or a little heard of black hole? What can be done to stop this sort practice?


Aaron Lupo

That is disgusting!! I would call your Registrar and make a complaint. I would also seek a refund from them turn the Certificate bac over to them and use another Registrar. I might even go as far as calling the Registration Accrediation Board and report the auditors to them. Not that it matters but who is your Registrar so that I can be sure to stay away from them.

If you would like you can e-mail me and I would be more than happy to give you some names of reputiable registrars.

Rick Goodson


I have to second the ISOGUY's sentiments. This group should be reported. Whether it is a case of two auditors commiting fraud or the registrar as a whole committing fraud, the RAB needs to be involved. However, the first step involves your management representative and your senior management. Are they aware and what is their position and response?


When this matter was brought up at a management meeting, I got a cork stuck in my blow hole. I was told by upper management (to include the company President) that I was to speak when spoken to otherwise I had nothing to say that would be of interest to them. My only reply to that statement was "Take this job and shove it". I quit on the spot. The Company that I am now working for (happily) is regestered through TUV Management Services. As for the last company, I was wondering if the company itself could be held accountable for accepting the Cert? (a little revenge on my part perhaps?) I have a feeling that it was a simple cash under the table deal because I know that this company could not pass an audit even if it were conducted by my 9 year old grandson.

Laura M

Why, after the first day, did you continue to be a taxi cab for them?

Edit: OOps quick posts coming in. I think I get the picture. Absolutely report them.

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Aaron Lupo

Well to be honest with you I think you did the right thing by parting company with them. If what you say is true I have a feeling that a little "cash under the table" deal may have teken place. I know you say a little revenge would be nice but I feel that you have a duty to report the auditors and the Registrar. I would be more than happy to provide you with the RAB's phone number. It is safe to say if they did it for your former employer they have done it before and will do it again.


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Originally posted by Laura M:
Why, after the first day, did you continue to be a taxi cab for them?
More importantly, did they tip well????


They did not tip me a single dime, but I have got a pocket full of change if ISO Guy wants to send me that number!
Thanks for the humor Marc, thats the first time I smiled about this since it happened. Keep up the good work.


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That's totally disgusting..........

I've spent a ton of money and expended a whole lot of effort to get myself trained and certified as a Lead Auditor and Bozo's like those 2 can get away with crap like that.

I don't know about other folks, but I take things like ethics very serious....maybe that's why I haven't been able to land any work with a Registrar (everybody knows that EMS Lead Auditors are falling out of trees all over the place). I let people know up front that I can't be bought, and will break it off in someones 5th point of contact if they try to buy me.

I learned alot about guerilla warfare in the Marines....these guys and the Registrar (if they are aware of this issue) need to be ambushed. They are probably using the same trail and tactics all the time.

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