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Registration Logo, Cert, and Accred Mark



We did it!! Our company is now a ISO/QS9000 registered supplier! We received our registration certificates, logos, accreditation marks, etc. on September 14, 1999! O.k., enough with all of the hoooorah. Now to the "meat" of the matter. After the successful audit, our registrar told us that we would have to include the Registrar's Registration Mark, the ANSI-RAB NAP QMS accreditation mark, the RvA's logo, and our certificates inside of our quality manual. He wants to see procedures that govern these marks and how we "control" them. We have (of course) three procedures that have mention of quality documents and control. They are: Quality Documentation(QOP-05-01), Document and Data Control(QOP-05-02), and Quality Records (QOP-16-01). Also, when the certs and logos came in, we received 3 different procedures for each mark\item, respectivly. The Certificates, however, did not come with a procedure, just an expiration date. We received a procedure from the registrar for the Registration Mark (third party), a procedure for the ANSI-RAB NAP QMS accreditation mark, and a procedure for the RvA (RvA, Dutch Council for Accreditation). I guess my question to you is, where in the world do I need to include all of this stuff in our Quality Manual? How? I mean, there's at least 3 pages per item on each procedure! Please provide any info on this subject. Our registrar stated that they will monitor this during the survelience audit.


Joe W. Guy,
QS9000 Administrator


I've never heard of this matter. It sounds so strange. As I know, you are allowed to used your certification body's logo and one accreditation logo that you choose(the accreditration logo must be MOU of your CB's acrreditation body). I don't think what your CB asked you to do is the QS or even ISO 9000 requirements. If you don't do that, what clause they will charge you.
There is no requirement,however the registrar can create one thru subjective reasoning; Two examples,
1- Revision of the Certificate by the registrar - in which case the registrar is responsible for control of the document, i.e.,rev. date,letter,etc.
2- Requested revision by the supplier - Change in scope. This could require a procedure and form by your registrar,however he is still responsible for the control of the document(cert).
Isn't this fun, reminds me of the good old MIL-Q-9858 days when we complained about the government trying to stick us, now we are doing it to ourselves
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