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J.R. Strickland

Does anyone know the status of the Registration Scheme and Ford/DC Customer Specifics documents? I called the AIAG this morning and they are still "in publishing". How can companies get registered if these documents are not published? Is it me or does the rollout of this standard seem a bit disorganized and ad hoc?


Fully vaccinated are you?
Disorganized and ad hoc are both good descriptors and they are not mutually exclusive (so you're safe there, too)...

Have you spoken with your SQA?

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J.R. Strickland

I have made several calls to Ford and DC with no response. I am not confident anyone there could answer my question anyway. My registrar heard that the customer specific requirements may not be published at all. The registration scheme apparently is "available" but is not published/available for purchase from AIAG.

No wonder the cost of vehicles keeps going up and up while suppliers profit margins keep getting smaller and smaller. We spend too much time trying to figure these guys out.

Dan De Yarman

According to "Quality" magazine (July 2000) Entela "is the first North American registrar to revceive their Certificate of Recognition to perform ISO/TS 16949 audits" from the IATF. The article is located on pages 26 and 27.

Jim Evans

We just completed one of our surveillance audits from KPMG. While here the auditor showed me a copy of 16949. He had just taken the test for it. However I am not sure where he got it. Have you tried ASQ or ANSI?


J.R. Strickland

There are 4 documents that make up the TS series (the "4-pack" as opposed to the "7-pack" for QS); 1) ISO/TS 16949 - Quality Systems - Automotive Suppliers - Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001:1994, 2) ISO/TS 16949 Customer-Specific Manual (DaimlerChrysler and Ford only)(GM's is available off of the internet), 3) ISO/TS 16949 Checklist Manual, and 4) ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Certification Scheme - Rules for achieving IATF recognition. Of the 4, only the standard itself and the checklist are available for purchase from AIAG, the official source(I think) in the US. When I call AIAG, I am informed that the customer specific manual and the certification scheme are not released/published and there is no date available for when they will be published. Does anybody know what the registrars that are performing assessments are using in lieu of the two unreleased/unpublished documents? My understanding is that the TS certificates need to be very specific and include the actual customer specific requirements that the system has been audited and certified to. If the TS customer specifics for Ford and DC are not published, what was used? My guess is that when they are published they probably won't be much, if any, different than those contained in QS.
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