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Mark Smith

I have redesigned my audit schedule so that it includes a column that identifies what elements from ISO 9001 will be audited against for each function identified on the schedule. For example, next to Manufacturing I have Elements : 4.3., 4.5., 4.6., 4.8., 4.9., 4.10., 4.11., 4.12., 4.13., 4.15., 4.17., 4.18., 4.20. to be audited. However, for the functions: Purchasing, Administration and Sales, I only list 4.16 and 4.18 plus 4.6 for Purchasing. Am I missing something? I just don't see anything relevant from the other elements for these functions.
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Our audit schedule also includes the following elements for all manufacturing and support groups:

4.1 and 4.2 - to gauge how information is flowing up and down through the chain, and determine the involvement level of the management personnel in the QMS

4.5 - to make sure that they are following internal Document Systems requirements

4.14 - to review internal preventive and corrective action processes for effectiveness, and try to determine the level of on-going continuous improvement activities

Alf Gulford

If we're defining Sales the same way, paragraph 4.3, Contract Review, is very important, both in terms of the initial sales information and how they handle any subsequent changes.

Just a thought.

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