Reliability & Maintainability - No customers providing input into the R&M area


Tom Goetzinger

Lacking any customers providing input into the R&M area, any suggestions on how to approach this topic? Our registrar would like to see one or two engineering projects addressing this topic started before our registration audit. While he will not be demanding perfection in this area, it would be very valuable to us to see how other companies approached this topic. We recognize the value of it; just not sure how to approach it.

Tom Goetzinger

I'd love to be there and meet some of the people who have shared so much via this forum, but I think I ought to be here as our final registration audit includes those two days.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I can't help here - maybe Howard can. On the other hand, there is a 2 day T&E training session in New York you might want to consider - see ***DEAD LINK REMOVED***

Yeah - I wouldn't miss the audit! Oh, well!
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Dan De Yarman

I think I know what I'm suppose to do, but I'm going to post this question for verification anyway. How does one due projections of MTTR, MTBF, LCC, reliability, and maintainability 'cold turkey'? We have no feedback from our Customers, just like Tom, so how does one go about these calculations?

We are (I am) planning on performing these calculations on "critical" components of the machine, as determined by us. This is accpetable to our auditor so this isn't really a problem. My immediate supervisor (VP of Operations and MR) wants to see some examples of how to do the calcualtions before we go ahead with it. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it a lot.



Are people using a 'generic' R & M plan or are they tailoring the R & M plan to each specific job (Customer)?

Any help would be great!

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