Reliability Prediction of Complex Assemblies


Reliability Databases

We are looking for a more efficient way of making reliability projections. When our systems can be made up of hundreds of component parts, getting this data from suppliers, regardless of what is on the PO's, is excrusiatingly painful and time consuming!

Rather than trying to collect, enter, calculate and analyze the data for all the individual component parts when calculating our machine/system reliability projections, I would like to use "family" i.e., part type, data for commodity/catalogue parts.

I have run across databases that contain "thousdands" of parts in them on some web sites, e.g. the DoD's Reliability Analysis Center's (RAC) NPRD-95C Nonelectronic Parts Reliability Data , but am skeptical of their content and usefulness for my application.

Does anyone have any experience using any of these databases of reliability data or have alternative suggestions for making reliability projections?



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I'm going to bump this once and see if there are any good reliability engineers out there who might be able to help. I was involved in reliability about 15 years ago and I really don't remember much except the base calculations. We did some reliability predictions but used Advanced Life Testing for our stated figures (US Military / DoD products - including aerospace and marine electronics). This is what I wrote Environmental Design Criteria Test Plans for.


Fully vaccinated are you?
You might try the IEST site for some info on reliability. I'm surprised there aren't at least 1 or 2 folks here who are proficient in reliability predictions. Oh, well!


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