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I?m looking for recommendations for reliability software. I realize reliability is a large field so to be more specific I?m looking for software which can analyze my field data and model to a distribution (Weibull, lognormal, etc) and then provide usual plots of distribution, CDF, failure rate, etc. Options I?ve found so far include Weibull++ from Reliasoft, JMP from SAS and Windchill Weibull from PTC (links below).

Are there other software packages I should consider and/or recommendations?

Thanks, Scott
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Do you foresee using the software for anything other than reliability? Reliasoft is an very good reliability analysis package with backup support and training, but is specialized to reliability only.

Minitab is more multi-purpose (similar to JMP) and will do statistics in addition to reliability. Minitab will do the things that you listed, but is more limited in reliability (has fewer options) than a pure reliability software such as Reliasoft. For example, Minitab cannot do standards based reliability modeling and its ability to handle mixed failure modes is more limited than Reliasoft.

I believe that Windchill is the package formerly known as Relex. Another package to evaluate is SuperSmith.
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Thanks for the reply! Great info. Right now I'm thinking of just reliability. I hadn't thought of mini-tab and we may have a copy of that onsite already. That would be an easy way to start. Hadn't ever heard of SuperSmith. I'll spend some more time on their web page to see what they offer.


Hi, there. Take a look at the on-demand videos from JMP with Dr. William Meeker, Distinguished Professor of Statistics at Iowa State University and co-author of "Statistical Methods for Reliability Data" at the JMP website. They are a series titled "Statistical Methods in Reliability." (I'm sorry that I can't post a direct link for you -- I'm too new a member of this forum and don't have permission.) Those videos may have some helpful info for you.

Also, please let me know if you have specific questions about what JMP can do for reliability. I work for JMP and can ask our statistician/developers.

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