Remote Support Location Audit - Engineering prototyping and process evaluation



Hi everyone!:bigwave:

I'm going to check the system of our remote support site where engineering (prototyping and process evaluation) were done. I'm currently creating the checklist, can anyone give me idea on what to be included? I am new to an automotive industry.

This is my first thread. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

thank you.


could you please specify what type of audit you are going to do - is it against a standard (i.e. ISO9001) or your internal processes or something else?
When you have that, you look at your requirements and then start your prep by getting as much information beforehand as possible. If there's a shared system, you can start checking their documentation (FMEAs, processing changes etc) before your audit and that saves you time. When you go to the location itself, you'll be asking more specific information based on what you'd already seen.
hope this gets you started
good luck
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