Renault vs. AIAG FMEA - Would like details of it's usage and any training aids


Mike Blakeway

Can someone help?
I need to use the Renault format for a PFMEA and would like details of it,s usage and any training aids which may be available.
All personal experience welcome.

Al Dyer


Can you tell us (if any) the difference between a Renault FMEA and the one used by the AIAG?



AMDEC is the french equivalent of FMEA (Failure Mode Effects & Criticality Analysis, or Analyse des Modes de Defaillance de leurs Effets et de leur Criticite (in French)).

AMDEC has the same goal that FMEA, but some issues are more complicated, i.e. team organization and work,limits, process function analysis.

The elements in AMDEC sheet and FMEA sheet are same, but the order is different. The orden of items in original AMDEC sheet is: process function, effect of failure, mode of failure, cause of failure, detection, severity clasification, ocurrence clasification, detection clasification, RPN value, new RPN value (after actions taken), action taken and finaly responsibility & completion date.

I think FMEA is better and easier than AMDEC.
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