Renewables, led by wind, provided more power than coal in Germany in 2018

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After the Fukujima event in 2011, Germany had pleaded to close all nuclear power plants by 2022 and replace them with renewable energy. With just a few more years until 2022, I think it is clear now that they won't accomplish the goal.


A Sea of Statistics
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and then there is California, where power interuptions will become more frequent...the ambition and drive to go C free is good, yet, the transition is fraught with many least one Nuke station scheduled for imminent decommissioning recently was granted an extension. Any California Covers please correct or confirm...


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It would be best to confirm before posting.
It's been in the news that Gov. Newsom is considering seeking federal funds to keep Diablo Canyon open as California transitions away from fossil fuels, but there are some complications.

Regardless, California is making its own bed and deserves the right to lay down in it.

John Broomfield

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Europe reports that renewables have just passed fossil fuels in supplying energy:

It’s Official: In 2020, Renewable Energy Beat Fossil Fuels Across Europe

But the pace of change is still too slow:

“Europe will need to add 100 terawatt hours of renewable generation every year to achieve its 2030 target—almost twice as much each year as the amount added in 2020.”

Wasting less energy through better insulation is a big part of the answer in the UK.
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