Request an FDA GUDID Account - Problems



Hi everyone,

For over a month now I have been trying to request a GUDID Account via the FDA "Request a GUDID Account" page.

I have completed the form multiple times. I never receive the expected email nor any sort of correspondence. I have check my email filters and junk mail to no avail. I have submitted FDA UDI Help Desk tickets with similar results.

I wanted to see if this is happening to any one else or if anyone has a more direct route to request an account?



Took them three months to respond to my question. I guess it depends on what kind of question you ask. As a side note, their response was not sufficient, so I asked them to clarify certain points about a month and a month and a half ago and have not heard from them yet.


I was able to track down our issue. What is not stated is that the email with the PDF will be coming via '[email protected]'

Our network guys had flagged this account in the past due to use by other spammers. Due to email security gateway filters, the emails never made it to our spam boxes or inboxes.
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