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Requesting your suggestions .....

Dear Fellow Cove member,

I do not know if this is the right forum to seek your help and suggestions. I felt that I should ask the highly knowledgeable members of the Cove Forums to help someone looking for help and recognition.

I have written a blog in the Elsmar Cove forums titled "Inspiration......" about an NGO ( headed by a disabled person, run by disabled persons for disabled persons. The name of the NGO is Amarseva Sangam. The question I have is: "Do you have any suggestion where we can nominate this NGO or the President (Mr. Ramakrishnan) or the Secretary (Mr. Sankararaman) of the organization (Amarseva Sangam) for public recognition?". I had nominted Mr S. Ramakrishnan, President of Amarseva Sangam for the CNN Hero award last year and he was one of the short listed Heros for the final award. I tried to nominate him for the Magsaysay Award...with no result. If you are aware of any such local, regional or global award for recognizing self-less service to society, especially the disadvantaged, please let me know; or if you would like to nominate please do so.

None of the above is related to me; the organization is not connected to me anyway.

Thank you for your suggestions.

With best regards,

I would like to receive suggestions for nomination. Like CNN Hero, there may be many awards and recognitions available all over the world for such self-less social service. Those who are aware of such awards/recognitions may share their knowledge or information on these. I would like to get the suggestions in this thread. Thanks.

With kind regards,

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