Required Chains Identification for Traceability




we have lifiting chains which are calibrated by any external body,

every time during the audit we are asked to develop a method for identification of these chains , to interlink with calibration report

we have tried
1. Painting
2. Tagging

but both could not withstand.

approx we are having 48 chains in our factory premises which located in respective buildings but interchainged from one crane to another.

hoping for a solution


Emboss a link in the chain and then paint that link alone with say red.
The red can be repainted as and when necessary.
That is to only identify the link, on which the number is embossed 01 to 48
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Thank you sir for reply,

already we have tried painting as the usage is very high disappering within 2 or 3 working days


I'm not sure if this would suit your needs, but we often use vibration peen to mark equipment or various gages. This is essentially an electric marking "pen" but with a sharp carbide point. A few thousandths of an inch should leave a fairly "permanent" mark.

Another possibility would be a manual engraver, but this is more costly and a bit more involved. They are designed to run off an air line and use a specialized carbide bur that rotates at a high speed. Depending on the particular engraver, it may also require oil.

We use both, but in this case I would recommend the first option. I hope this is helpful.
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