Required ISO 9000:2000 Procedures - Are procedures still necessary?




Hi folks,

I´m reading the ISO 9k2k in order to make the "travel" from ISO 9k:94 and I want to know wich are the documented procedures taht the ISO9k2k says that are necesary.

A litle consideration: Don´t you think that in the process aproach the procedures are obsoletes?



The mandatory procedures are: (iso9001:2000)

4.2.3- Control of documents

4.24- Control of records

8.2.2 - Internal Audit

8.3 Control of Non conforming product

8.5.2 corrective action

8.5.3 - Preventive action

Procedures (either documented or otherwise) are required for the control of a process that transforms input to output.

fOR EXAMPLE: Consider following processes

a) Document control process
b) Record keeping process

ISO 9001 -2000 has mandated a control procedure that needs to be documented for the above processe.

But consider:

a) Vendor approl process- ISO 9001 -2000 has NOT mandated a control procedure that needs to be documented for this . But in your organization depending on the level of the complexity of the process and competence of the personnel involved in the process you may decide either to document or not the procedure.

However it is a good idea to recod baseline data of a process to establish continual improvement of key processes. But in the absence of a clear procedure this data collection may not be appropriate and consistent - which is pre-requiste to stimulate analysis, review and learning and finally to result in continual improvement.

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