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Though the letter from the Big 3 dated August 2002 seems fairly clear that we need to upgrade by the expiration of our current certificate or by Dec 15, 2004, I have encountered a couple of contradictory statements in a presentation from IAOB as well as our auditor's newsletter. Has anyone else clarification as to do we really have to follow the "by the expiration of our current cerficate" or can we use the grace period to meet the deadline. (July 1, 2004 for DC, Dec 15, 2004 for the others). Any help appreciated.



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My understanding is, if your current certificate expires before you are required (by your customers) to upgrade then you can re-certify to the standard you have now. QS-9000 certificates can still be issued until December 2006, so that tells me that you don't absolutely have to upgrade before then. If there's a question, I would look at the customer-specific requirements first. IAOB presentations and auditor's newsletters are not requirements documents...


I agree with Howste, customers voice is what " shall" be heard

My certicate expired on June 2003, so I had to bear with 9th QS assesment, I´m planning to have TS-2 pre-audit on september this year and probably certification audit by november. Anyway you can be QS certified until 2006.

But if one of your customers commands you to have TS-2 certificate prior this date, you comply with that.


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One additional thing to think about is the ISO 900X part of your registration. If you have any customers that requrie ISO (many of my clients serve both auto and non-auto), then your ISO part of the registration will expire. If you need to upgrade to ISO 9K2K, then you might as well upgrade to TS now and be done with it.
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