Requirement for "ESD" circuit boards - Clause 4.9.g1




We are a medium size manufacturing facility and during a recent QS9000 preassesment our facility had this finding. " There is no documented procedure available for protection of ESD sensitive mainteneance spares such as electronic circuit boards, during storage and installation." I understand the requirements under 4.9.g1 for a procedure for "packaging and preservation of equipment, tooling and gaging. But my question is " Is there any specific ESD requirements for storage and installation of electronic circuit boards?"


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I haven't seen anything that specific in print. I wouldn't see this as a problem, however. What you buy should be in bags. 'Common practices' pretty much dictates that if you store a potentially sensitive piece of hardware (a circuit card) it should be in a conductive bag.

I don't know that you would need a documented procedure for this - anyone handling this type of hardware should know the basic premise of handling and storing circuit cards which is "...assume any circuit card has at least one component with the potential for ESD damage..." (conductive bags and wrist straps).

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if you state,or your customer states ESD sensitive controls, then that carries over to storage by default.......If you handle them according to ESD precautions....then you need to store them that way as well.

barb butrym

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thought you were talking product....Duh......
I agree with Marc, keep them in the original protection...just makes sense
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