Requirements for hand-held laser welding equipment


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Good day,

I'm stuck with requirements for hand-held laser welding equipment. This equipment contains chiller, main block (power supply, control and laser) and laser probe.
I'm trying to figure out if such equipment could be sold in EU. What I've found are EN 60825-1 and ISO 11553-2 standards.

The main question:

Could be such equipment safe? in this case laser source is hand-held probe, which could be pointed at any direction. Or should such equipment not be operated by hand? In EN 60825-1 I haven't found any specific requirements for hand-held lasers.

P.S. laser is used for welding, so it is very powerful and falls under 4 class lasers.
I enclosed the picture when laser is operated (this picture is only example of such type lasers)


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