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Requirements for Sequence Diagrams & Process Flow Chart for each Processes



i have to develop the QMS documents for my office which is a small part of our huge manufacturing organisation. the main activity of my office is conducting training programmes for employees of our organisation. i want to know this : do i have to develop sequence diagrams & process flow chart for each of the processes like product realisation, design and deveoplment or one diagram for QMS process? i am new to this so will be grateful for help


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The question you ask has been addressed many time during various threads and it may be worth doing a search to see some of the existing answers.

Broadly speaking, you need to determine the processes which exist within your organisation, identify how they interact, or fit together and then decide how you will control each of these processes. This is often the first main step I take when starting a QMS project.

Apart from a few mandatory documented procedures which are required, it is up to you to decide how you will control the processes. You can use documented procedures, or flowcharts, or rely on the competence of the people, etc.

Ultimately, it is for you to decide what would be the most effective method of controlling your business and how critical that control is to your business and the services you provide to your customer.

Please come back and ask more specific questions when you have them.
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